25 Years Experience Making Networks Play

Let there be song to fill the air

We love music. And that love comes through in what we build for you.

Our audio guru was quite practically born in one of the best hi-fi shops in Paris. His crib stood between two of the finest speakers you could ever hope to hear, and he was installing bespoke high-end systems with his father by the age of ten.

This experience taught him what works and what doesn't, and how to get the most acoustically out of any room. And out of any system. But by deploying the latest technology, he can deliver what his wise old father never could.

Using today's systems and software, you can play any of your music in any room (or outbuilding), all with a tap or two on your tablet or phone.

And the sound? Just look at some of our partners to the left and you'll understand that our systems sound as magnificent as what our guru and his dad installed. Or even better.

And while we can integrate your precious turntable (Linn is a favoured vendor after all) and tube amp in your listening room so that you can revel in the warmth your vinyl collection affords, we can also clear the clutter from your home. No more piles of CDs. No more tangle of wires. No more mess.

In fact, all that you need see in any room is your tablet or phone that summons forth the songs.