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The end of here versus there

Imagine your email up to date on all of your devices. And your bookmarks updated no matter where you are or what you're using.

Once all of the data on your laptop and phone and tablet are synced with every other device you own, you've suddenly got nothing to lose. It's a very different way of living digitally.

And best of all, once we set this up, you don't need to do anything out of the ordinary to keep all your data synced. It's just how your systems will behave. And every time each device checks in with the Internet, they will automatically go out and fetch what they're missing, and supply anything new that they haven't yet uploaded.

So relax. Contact us and we'll get your digital life synced, and get rid of here and there forever.


You left the file that you need at the office. Or you lost the phone with that the contact you need right now. Or you lost your date book. Your date book!

Well once we get your digital life sorted for you, you can forget about leaving anything there again. Because we are putting and end to the concept here and there here and now. At least as far as your digital life is concerned.

Once we get you sorted, your data will be everywhere. Your documents will be right where you left them. But they'll also be on every other machine you use. And they'll be in the cloud that you've heard so much about.