25 Years Experience Making Networks Play

Bigger, faster, stronger


And one of the main things we learned was that you want to lay in infrastructure that works today and well into the future.

We also learned that it had to be reliable. And fast. And we learned how to do that the only way one can. We learned to make networks like that by... well, by actually making them.

Now investment banks tend to be pretty demanding customers. And advertisers aren't exactly known for their patience.

But if we can build networks that make them happy, rest assured that we can do the same for you. And by the way, all the networks that we put in starting in 1988 are all still in use today.


Your smart technology and multiroom media can only be as good as the network that they run on. That's why our qualified network engineers install structured high-speed wired ethernet IP networks.

And because you won't want to be ripping your walls apart again in 2 years when new your 4K UltraHD television needs more bandwidth, we recommend installing high-speed 10 gigabit CAT6a ethernet, which insures that your network will meet your needs for a very long time to come.

You see, we learned our trade installing data networks for investment banks and global advertising firms in New York City.