25 Years Experience Making Networks Play

As secure as the weakest link


Our experience installing networks for investment banks forced us to learn the many ins and outs of network security. And that experience uniquely qualifies us handle the delicate and vital task of creating a secure network for you, something that hifi salesmen and television installers and electricians simply aren't qualitied to do.

And will install software on all of your devices that makes it incredibly easy to use strong passwords, and hence easier still to ward off all but the most determined intruders.

So while you may hire us because of the wonderful music systems and terrific video installations that we can offer you, it's our extensive experience with computer and network security that will keep your identity and your vital details secure.

It's shockingly easy to break into most home networks. And the reason for that?

It's primarily down to users not changing the default passwords on their gateways, and/or using passwords there and elsewhere that are incredibly easy to break.

And the main reason that people implement porous password security is down to the fact that managing numerous passwords that are reasonably secure tends to be extremely cumbersome.

Ironically, digital security has never been more vital as all our details information is stored on our networks as never before