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Our approach - Serving you

Everybody wants to own control of your smart home. Your phone company. Your TV provider. Even the guy who used to be your local hi-fi dealer.

And how do they want to gain ownership and hence control?

By installing proprietary systems that you can't live without, that control everything from your television to your electric teapot. They do it by installing systems that can only be upgraded by them, and they make sure that the cost of changing systems is prohibitively expensive.

At domusDIGITAL, we take a slightly different view. We think that your smart home should belong to you. And when you want to make changes, or when you must because standards change, and they will, we plan today so that these steps will be relatively painless tomorrow.

We do this by using open standards. And we achieve this by taking a modular approach, using widely supported technologies for every layer, including the media formats that we choose with you.

So when others present a system that does what no other can, one that runs everything in your home, beware. Because it's your home. And we believe that your home should serve you.

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