25 Years Experience Making Networks Play


While WiFi has its issues, it also has its strengths. Deployed correctly, it is secure and reliable enough for many, though not all tasks.

Bigger, stronger, faster

Everything in your home wants to talk on the network.

Your new television has an ethernet port on the back now and probably even speaks wireless. Your phone and your tablet would be dumb bricks without their Internet connection. And if your refrigerator and oven and lights and heating aren't connected yet, they're about to be.

But without a great network, none of it will work well.

So our founder and head of network engineering cut his teeth designing and implementing netoworks for investment banks and global advertising firms in New York City. And he's been at it for over 25 years.

So when we tell you that our networks are bulletproof, that they're more secure and faster, you'd better believe it. After all, we didn't learn networking as a sideline. Instead it's literally at the heart of everything we do.

Hybrid networks

While the wired network is what ensures that it will all work, you'll find it hard to live without wireless access. We recommend a blend of both.


Discover how we'll fill your home with song.


Discover how we'll fill your home with song.


Without a fast, robust wired network, your smart home will fall like a house of cards. Find out why our domestic wired networks are second to none.

Our network security

Your computers, tablets and phones contain the keys to your bank accounts, credit cards and more. So network security is our top priority.

Our networks set us apart