25 Years Experience Making Networks Play

The end of channel surfing

Broadcast television really wasn't so great. DVD players improved things a little. PVRs (personal video recorders) like TIVOs and Sky+ boxes allowed us to time-shift and hence helped a little more. But you were still stuck with ads and poor quality recordings and a fairly limited choice. And even "Smart TV" has turned out not to live up to its name.

Our video experts know what equipment you want. What panel. What boxes. What services. We can install a system with the best possible picture and sound.. We can surprise and delight with hidden projectors that produce images that are sharp and bright and somehow magical. But our video experts can also give you something more.

Once we understand how you watch television, and how you want to, we create a centralized shared library and integrate the services that best suit your needs. You can then watch whatever you want on any screen you want, anywhere in the house or out on the go.

And you access your library, your movies and television shows and even home videos, using any smart-device as a remote control. That means your iPad or iPhone or Android device or Mac or Windows PC.

And of course, there are times when good old broadcast tele does give you exactly what you want, and our FreeviewHD and Sky HD integrators are the ones who used to train Sky's own technicians how to install and maintain their systems. So you'll be able to see Chelsea take on Arsenal too.