25 Years Experience Making Networks Play

One remote control. No manuals.

Curiously, in this age of apps, many companies are pushing complex software solutions that try to do everything from playing your multiroom music and video to managing your thermostat, dimming your lights, and raising your blinds.

At domusDIGITAL, however, we choose to integrate products from those who make the very best in their particular sector, and that goes equally for the software we deploy.

We believe that technology should enable, and that it should never get in the way. And so we use the simplest, most intuitive control software made for each specific application.

Different music player applications meet different needs. The various video apps available have their strengths and weaknesses.

And that's why we work with you to identify the apps that work best for you. To meet your needs. To play nicely with the services and computers and tablets and phones that you already choose and know how to use.

At domusDIGITAL, we believe in one remote control and no manuals. Because we don't think that you should have to refer to a manual to enjoy to your favorite concerto.