25 Years Experience Making Networks Play

Your Television

Some think that a home cinema and a television in the kitchen will do, but for us, it's a complete rethink of how you'll watch television... and why.

Your music, your television, your way, wherever you are

With our networked media systems, you'll have all your music and television and movies at your fingertips, wherever you are, around the house or half-way around the world.

First, we'll work with you to understand how you watch and listen -- where, when, why. And then we'll enable you with technology that makes it easy for you to enjoy your music and tele where you want, how you want, and on the devices you love.

And best of all, you'll be able to control it all without referring to manuals because you'll be using devices that you already have, and already know how to use, be that a computer, iPad, iPhone, Android device, or Windows phone.

You see, we're technology agnostic so our only interest is creating the solution that best meets your needs.

Your Command

Many integrators peddle proprietary systems but we firmly believe that open standards and apps for each task are the way forward,


Discover how we'll fill your home with song.


Discover how we'll fill your home with song.

Your Music

Our audio experts love great sound and know how to deliver it with the most appropriate audio kit and acoustics technology for your home.

Our Approach

The word bespoke gets used rather carelessly these days, but we make every system to measure, and your needs are our compass.

Sound and Vision Everywhere