25 Years Experience Making Networks Play

Our seamless hybrid network


But you also need to speak to the devices on your network, and as these instructions require little bandwidth, you're going to want take advantage of the convenience of using wireless devices like your tablet or smartphone.

And so for these reasons, virtually every home that is being built or renovated today should have hybrid network installed, with extensinve in-wall wiring using CAT6a cabling, and wireless access points as needed throughout the home.

Our experience installing data networks reaches back over 25 years. Profit from the knowledge born of our experience that will insure that your network serves you well today and in 20 years.


To ensure that your networked 4K UltraHD video plays without a stutter, and that your lossless 24-bit 192KHz music is reproduced pristinely every time you play it, you really must install a high-speed wired network in your home.

If anything defines the 21st century so far, it is the rapid migration of most every tool we use onto the network. Our communication devices. Our entertainment devices. Our lights and heat and security systems and household appliances and who knows what will come next.

So just as you needed plumbing installed in your home inthe 19th century, and adequate mains wiring in the early 20th century, now you will increasingly not be able to imagine being without a high-speed wired ethernet network in your walls.