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Securing your home


We can install lock systems in your doors that sense your approach and unlock just for you. And we can even install central locking systems that secure the house at the touch of a button.

More importantly, however, we can give your chosen home security experts the access and tools that they require to extend your security across the Internet, making their expertise that much more effective.

So whether you want the latest and greatest in smarthome security technology, or need the greater level of protection that the best security companies can provide, domusDIGITAL can help you achieve your goals.

There is a great deal that we can do to help you to secure your home.

We can install systems that will alert you on your phone, tablet or computer if an intruder is detected in your home.

We can install CCTV security cameras throughout your home and we can enable you to monitor those cameras from any Internet-connected computer, phone or tablet, so that you can see if the intruder is indeed an intruder, or is just your Labrador, Angus, who has somehow found his way into the kitchen hoping to find a bite to eat.