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Climate finally controlled

Heat where you need it, when you need it. And best of all you needn't give it a thought. And did we mention the savings?

Lock the door? Turn down the heat? Turn off the lights? Done.

Your home needs you. It neesd you to keep it warm. To keep it watered. To keep it lit. To keep it locked and secured. But that's all about to change.

Smarthome technology is finally here. And while it may not be smarter than us, it often is smarter than we are regarding its particular bailiwicks.

Our thermostats will learn how you like things, and how you don't. And they learn how to save you energy while keeping things exactly as you like it.

And our lights are not only beautiful, but they learn to turn themselves on just before you need them, and to turn themselves off when you don't.

And your door? It recognises you when you arrive and unlocks to greet you.

So welcome home indeed, instead of you looking after your home, it will be looking after you.

Security secured

We can not only supply you with your own security devices, but we can give your home security specialists exactly what they require.


Discover how we'll fill your home with song.


Discover how we'll fill your home with song.

Lighting re-imagined

Lighting in most homes is pretty dull stuff. But thanks to our favorite lighting designers, and a little technical wizardry, we will change how you look at lights forever.

Garden made magical

Okay, so you're not so impressed that we monitor the soil and then water as needed. Well just wait until you see how we light it.

Your House Won't Need You Anymore