25 Years Experience Making Networks Play

Climate finally controlled

Heat where you need it, when you need it. And best of all you needn't give it a thought. And did we mention the savings?

Green doesn't mean doing without anymore

Green used to mean wearing wooly jumpers around the house. It meant ugly light that made everyone look a bit green around the gills. But not anymore.

Meet the new green. The beautiful green.

We can show you gorgeous energy efficient lighting. And we can keep your house toasty while reducing your energy bills.


Our lights are low power, but cast beautiful colour that can even change with your mood. And they turn on just before you need them and politely extinguish themselves after you leave. And our thermostats learn how you live, and save you energy while keeping you comfortable.

And while you're at it, have a look we are using new green technologies to create healthier homes for you and your loved ones.

Electromagnetic pollution

See all your neighbours' WiFi networks? Ever count the moblile phone masts on your block? Want to reduce your exposure? We can help.


Discover how we'll fill your home with song.


Discover how we'll fill your home with song.

Green lighting that isn't grim

The law says that your new lights have to be energy efficient, but not that they have to be ugly too. Let us light your home with beauty and grace AND save the planet.

Safe paints and finishes

Do you really want your children crawling around on floors that will outgas carcinogens for years to come?

Healthy, Sustainable Homes