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Chalk Paint - Hand Painted Color Card

Beauty isn't just skin deep

After all, do you want your children crawling around on floor finishes that will outgas carcinogens for years? Do you want to reduce the VOCs and in paints and floor finishes that cause DNA damage and cancer? Would you prefer to just eliminate them altogether from your home?

Fortunately, a number of companies are creating healthy finishes by reverting to traditional methods lie chalk-based paints and water-based stains and waxes.To our view, traditional finishes are not only safer, but more beautiful as well. And much safer for your loved ones.

While we're all for gorgeous colours and finishes, we'll leave those choices up to your designer and architects and you. After all, they're the experts.

It may surprise you to know, however, that what we do know is a thing or two about health and holistic medicine. In fact, our materials expert spent 7 years of full-time study getting qualified in the field.

So while it's true that EU laws in just the last three years have gone a long way toward making the materials you finish your home with a lot safer, the laws don't go nearly as far as you should.

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