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Green needn't be ugly anymore


UK law now requires that 75% of your light fixtures are green. For most people, that means expensive fixtures that make everyone look like they're standing in a refrigerator.

You see LEDs are great at saving energy, and somehow halogen lights have gained a similar yet undeserved reputation, but as much as we love our planet, it's must be said that the light from these fixtures is usually just plain ugly.

Until now.

And that's because our friends at John Cullen have designed LEDs that achieve the impossible. They illumine at any colour temperature you choose, and it's colour temperature

that determines how the light looks, and therefore how everyhing lit by it looks as well.

So while we could boast about the energy we can save you with our automated lighting controls and with our smart sensors that put the lights on when you need them and off when you don't, what we find exciting is that we can deliver you lighting that both meets the current green legal requirements while illuninating your home beautifully.

So have a look at the work of our favored lighting partner through the links at the left, and we'll be happy to have our fully qualified electricians install and integrate these systems for you.

So now you know why green needn't be ugly anymore.

Link to John Cullen Lighting
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