25 Years Experience Making Networks Play

Keys to the kingdom


And all that data isn't only on our phones, but on virtually every computing and communication device we have, making us especially vulnerable. Lose your phone or tablet or laptop and within minutes the thief has access to all of your email, your contacts, your notes, and very very possibly your login information for the bank and the credit card company and goodness knows what else.

At domusDIGITAL, our experience installing networks and integrating data and computing systems has taught us a thing or two about security. And while nobody can promise you absolute security, by taking the steps that we recommend and by using the software that we install, your chances of getting hacked will be enormously reduced.

In fact, unless someone really wants your data and has the time and computing resources, the next time you lose your phone, that will be all that you've lost.


All of our devices have brought so much convenience.

We can do our banking from our mobile phone. And all of our contacts are not only on our phones, but on our tablets and computers and even a Website. And how secure does it make you feel that you if you lose your credit card, you can go online to the website and immediately see if anyone has been using it to take themselves on holiday.

Well, those conveniences also come with risks. Buried on our phones are the keys to our kingdom. Our passwords, account numbers and other information that we really don't want to see fall into the wrong hands.