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Nobody's business if you do

Link to GNU PG - Pretty Good Privacy

We can help you to shake off most of the machines tracking your every click in your Web browsing. And we can make your email pretty secure. And we can give you reasonably reliable anonymity and minimize your exposure.

Now of course in this game of cat and mouse, the cat will come back, but so then will the mice.

The important thing we'd emphasize is that one not get too worked up about all this. As much as we believe in and support an individual's right to privacy, it's also important to accept that privacy as we once knew it is no more.

But if you'd still like some shred of your privacy back, we're here to help.

Link to the Electronic Frontier Foundation - EFF
Link to Mega - The Security Company

As our friends at the NSA have made clear, everyone is being watched. And we're not supposed to care.

Today, even if your network and computer are secure, everything you read on the Internet, send via email and post in public and private discussions can be recorded and, as we recently learned, it probably is being stored somewhere, both by the government and by companies in the private sector.

There are a number of reasons that law-abiding upstanding citizens might and should want to maintain their privacy, and if privacy is a concern of yours, we can help you to make reasonable effeorts to regain much of your privacy.