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Ubiquitous computing


Or suppose you're mother calls to say she needs to come earlier for dinner, but you're in meetings all afternoon and can't get home to start the roast roasting earlier.

Or suppose you missed the last flight, so you want to change the security settings on your lights,both to save energy and to increase your security, and you want to be sure that the gardens are watered in the morning.

All of these things are possible now because your heating system and your kitchen appliances and your lights and even your garden watering systems are all computers today. Because in our smarter homes, computing isn't just anywhere. Computing is also everywhere.


Our computers are getting smaller and smaller. That smartphone that you carry in your pocket is much more powerful than the desktop you had at work 10 years ago.

But power and speed aren't the benchmarks that computing is going use to change are lives in this millenium.

There are already refrigerators that speak to ovens that speak to dishwashers that speak to clothes dryers, and while they've been little more than an indulgence, that's about to change.

Imagine you're coming home 10 days earlier than expected, and you want the house to be warm up your return.