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The art of light re-imagined


We're great integrators. It's what we know. It's what we do. It's what we love. And we like to think that nobody does it better.

But lighting design is a very specialised art and science, and we don't know anybody who does it better than John Cullen Lighting.

They transform space with their designs. They bring rooms alive with their magic.And they've transformed the science of lighting with their fixtures. No more glare. No more cold harsh color.

Their work embodies beauty and grace, and they bring those qualites to your home. See their gorgeous work via link below.

The thing is that at John Cullen, they don't do the actual installation, nor the integration into the smart-control systems. And that's where our certified electricians come in.

Our installations meet all the new green buidling requirements without the kind of harsh ugly light that makes you and your guests look like you're all living inside a refrigerator.

But our real magic is installing systems that transform your kitchen into an intimate dining space at the push of a button (or a flick on your iPad). And as you stumble into the bathroom at 4am, the low floor-lights come on as you enter, with no bright glare to disturb, and they shut off after your trundle back to bed.

So if you're building a showcase, let our smart-lighting show it off for you.

Link to John Cullen Lighting
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