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Smarten up the garden

We're not suggesting that we can replace the gardener. Nor would we want to.

But well chosen network-enabled smart technology can beautify your garden.

First to be considered are watering systems. WIth smart water sensors, the moisture of the soil can be automatically monitored, and water applied on command as necessary. With increasingly unreliable water supply due to climate change, such a system is effciently green and keeps the garden happen by keeping moisture levels optimised, and that translates to happy, beautiful plants, shrubs and trees.

And speaking of beauty, smart garden lighting can enhance not only the beauty of the garden itself, but of the view of the garden from inside the house at night as well.

First we bring in the designers at John Cullen Lighting to cast their spell with light in your garden. They are simply brilliant at creating magical garden spaces by choosing what to highlight and what to pool in darkness. (see their work via link at left) And then we add our automation, to light up your path as you walk out into the garden at night, or to simply enhance the look of your home's exterior.

And finally, on a summer's day, you'll want your music and WiFi out there, and rest assured that just as in your home, our gear will be discretely tucked away so that all you see is the beauty of nature.

Link to Gardena
Link to John Cullen Lighting